The last stage of the Sudetian Way of St. James leads through the hilly Izera Foothills, including long forest sections. It is no longer as demanding as the previous two stages. In Gryfów Śl., arrests our attention the Renaissance mausoleum of the von Schaffgotsch family in the church of St. Jadwiga and the town hall tower reminiscent of Middle East architecture. In Biedrzychowice, it is worth to see one of the so-called border churches, i.e. postewangelic prayer houses, which were built in the 17th century for Silesian Protestants at the then Saxon-Austrian border (Biedrzychowice was an enclave of Saxony on the right bank of the Kwisa border). After a long journey through the forest behind Olszyna, the trail leads to the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the district of Uniegoszcz, where it meets with the Lower Silesian Way of St.James and the trail along Via Regia. From here, the common trail leads through Kwisa, i.e. the former border of Silesia and Lusatia, to the city center and further to Zgorzelec.