The stage leads through the Jeleniogórska Valley with its palace and park complexes (along the route passes through Bukowiec, Mysłakowice and Paulinum palaces) and with the city of Jelenia Góra, and then through the picturesque Bóbr gorge belonging to the Bóbr Valley Landscape Park. After leaving Mysłakowice, behind the church in Lomnica , we enter the walking and cycling path to Jelenia Góra. We go through the promenade through the city center, i.e. 1st May and Konopnicka Street, from the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (originally or the Church of Grace). Behind the underground passage under the city beltway, a walking and cycling path leads to the picturesque Borowy Ravine, where there is a corner called the End of the World, as well as the hostel "Pearl of the West". In Siedlecin it is worth to visit the medieval knight's tower with unique 14th-century paintings of the legend of King Arthur and Lancelot of the Lake. Behind Siedlęcin the trail continues along the (right) Bóbr shore and after 4 km it reaches the town of Wrzeszczyn and its dam with a hydroelectric power plant.