This stage connects two churches. St. James the Elder Apostle: in Kotuszów and Szczaworyż. From Kotuszów to Szydłów the trail leads among orchards. While wandering through this stage we can admire the picturesque areas of the Szydłowski Foothills. It is worth staying longer in Szydłów to visit the historic urban layout of the city called the Polish Carcassonne because of its similarity to the French city. We travel from Szydłów to Strzałków through the agricultural areas of Niecka Połaniecka. At the last episode of this stage, from Strzałków to Szczaworyż, we will be able to admire the beautiful landscape with the chalk hills of the Pińczowski Hump - it is also a protected area of the Szaniecki Landscape Park. In the church of St. James in Szczworyż there are two paintings with the figure of St. James: first in the presbytery; the other - found during renovation in the 20th century, is now hanging in the sacristy.