The course of this section of the Pomeranian St. James's route coincides with the old salt route that used to lead from the Baltic Sea to Greater Poland. Small villages, such as Lubiechowo or Wrzosowo, are former stage points on the trail. Located at the mouth of the Radew River to Parsęta, Karlino is the medieval seat of the bishops of Kamień. The remains of their castle on the so-called Bishop's Island is currently being renovated and will be accessible to visitors. In the city center you can also see the gothic church of st. Michael the Archangel.


Both the vicinity of Kłopotów and the village itself do not have beds. It is recommended to book in advance at one of the agritourism farms in Dygów (approx. 6 km from Wrzosów) or Czernin (3 km west of Dygów). The next day, you can go on the trail in Bardy.