We follow the scenic ridge to the west, finally descending from it past Zebrzydka (577 m) to Górka Wielkie, next to the church of All the Saints. Nearby there is a manor house with a beautiful park, associated with Zofia Kossak-Szczucka and a Franciscan monastery. Further on the right bank of the Brennica River and further on the Vistula River (bicycle path) we come to the bridge along Sportowa street and we go to the left bank of the Vistula river. On the Market Square in Skoczów there is the Museum of St. Jan Sarkander and a beautiful fountain depicting Jonah with a fish. Then we go to the hill called Chapel, where there is a chapel of St. John Sarkander and where John Paul II celebrated Mass in 1995. From here it's close to the destination point of this episode - Simoradz with the church of St. James.


The description above is a shortened version of the Pilgrim Guide text by Dagobert Drost, priest Andrzej Loranca and and Fr. Stanisław Pindel and Stanisława Więzik, available at www.bractwojakuboweszczyrk.pl