From Święta Anna the Warsaw Way of St. James leads along the traditional route of Warsaw pilgrimages to Jasna Góra. That is why we also come across (just behind Wola Mokrzewska) the place where in 1792 the Russian army murdered the entire Warsaw Pilgrimage. The trail turns into an asphalt road and fields on gentle hills to Mstów, behind which there is Górka Przeprośna. Group pilgrimages make a stop here, and pilgrims kneel down to welcome the already visible Jasna Góra monastery and apologize to the fellow pilgrims for any deficiencies along the way. Currently on the top of the hill is the shrine of St. Padre Pio. Behind the sanctuary we walk down the red trail to the Warta valley, After crossing the bridge we go west along the river  to Częstochowa. On the main axis of the city, Aleja NMP, we pass the cathedral of St. Zygmunt, church of St. James and finally along Aleja NMP we enter Jasna Góra.