The stage leads through the picturesque areas of the Notecki Forest located on the Warta and numerous lakes. The Sierakowski Landscape Park created here covers the areas of the Miedzychodzko-Sierakowski Lake District with a very diverse terrain. Here, we can admire the moraine hills, dunes, valleys of numerous rivers and glacial lakes gutters. The attraction is two ferry crossings in Wartoświu and Chojnie available from early spring to late autumn.


The main route runs from the ferry crossing in Wartosław to Sieraków together with the Nadwarciański Bicycle Trail (blue signs). If the ferry is closed, take the alternative option from Wartosław through Lubowo to the next Karolewo - Chojno crossing or continue your journey to Sieraków. The variant is marked with shells, and a yellow walking trail runs from the headquarters of Kłodzisko Forestry. The Wartosław - Sieraków distance is the same on both sides of the Warta river.