We follow the green trail from the Calvary sanctuary and approach together with the paths of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Góra Żar, whose peak (527 m a.s.l.) we go past using the black trail. Then we pass the ruins of the castle of the Oświęcim princes and descend to Łękawica. On our way it is worht to visit the interesting church of St. Józef from 1908. We approach Jaroszowicka Góra (544 m a.s.l.) and continue along the yellow trail to Gorzenie Górne. Next to the manor-museum of Emil Zegadłowicz along the black trail we reach Wadowice near the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima. From here, it's close to the center of Wadowice, the birth city of Karol Wojtyła - Pope St. John Paul II.