We leave Wyszewo along a forest, paved road, leading to the village of Wyszebórz. Here you can see a neo-baroque palace from the 19th century. After passing Police and Maszków and covering 4 km of the shoulder of the provincial road No. 206, we reach the forest complex of Góra Chełmska. At the top, there is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Thrice.


Difficult, due to the traffic of cars, is the 4 km section from the village of Maszkowo to the descent to the trail of the forest areas of Góra Chełmska. Please be careful! On the trails of the Chełmska Mountain, due to the elevation of the terrain, the road is inaccessible to bicycles! Bicycle pilgrims should go around the masses of Chełmska Mountain, heading towards Koszalin, and then following the signs to the sanctuary.