From Góra Ropczycka the trail leads to Ropczyce, where from the Church of the Transfiguration we head towards Kazimierza Wielkiego street. Then at the node of tourist routes, near the bus station - we turn left into Zielona street. Together with the black and yellow tourist trail, we go under the viaduct of the Ropczyce bypass and further along Zielona street towards west. Through the top of the Strzyżów Foothills, the trail leads for several kilometers with yellow signs, through an open area and through forest complexes. We descend from the Szemberek hamlet through a steep descent in the pine forest to the village of Zawada.

Detour for cyclists

From the grave located in the forest we follow the forest trail following the signs of the green bike trail, then by an asphalt road we reach the intersection in the village of Zawada, where we turn left, heading south, to the Sanctuary of the Mother of God.