The trail runs through fields and meadows, at the end through Warmian forests. Mainly asphalt roads, but also field and forest roads. The trail runs next to Lake Luterskie, then through the small villages of Wągsty, Piszewo and Żardeniki, where it crosses the Symsarna. After the Miejska Wieś, we enter the forest, and after a while we cross the unguarded railway crossing to the town of Wipsowo. The trail continues near the track to the village of Ruszajny, then under the viaduct under the national road No. 16 and after a while we enter Barczewo. "Stones of St. Jakub "are located in Wipsów (at the headquarters of the forest inspectorate) and in Barczewo (at ul. Mickiewicza).


Behind the village of Miejska Wieś, the trail passes through an unguarded railway crossing. Be careful.