From the UNESCO-listed Warsaw's Old Town, the trail leads to the south along the Royal Route through Solec and Ujazdów to the The Holy Mother Teacher of Young People Shrine in Siekierki. On the way, we pass by numerous historical buildings, which were rebuilt or reconstructed after 1945: The Royal Castle and two basilicas: The St. John's Archcathedral and Basilica of the Holy Cross. From Siekierki we go further towards Wilanów, where we enter the Vistula escarpment and walk through Natolin and Kabaty. On Kabaty there is a memorial plaque commemorating the pilgrimage of the knight Andrzej of the coat of arms of Ciołek to Santiago de Compostela in 1404. Next we head through the Kabacki Forest to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Longing in Powsin.