Continuation of the access section of the Way of St. James from Korczowa to Przemyśl. Bypassing the center of Stubienko, we take the road going left towards the west. After approx. 300 meters from the village exit, we head south along a rocky road to the aggregate mine and the village of Chałupki Dusowskie, where the road ends. Follow the path among the meadows to the hanging footbridge on the San River and then to the village of Niziny. The trail leads through Walawa with two historic chapels to Bolestraszyce with Fort XIII San Rideau and the Arboretum. Following the local road through the village, we reach the village of Buszkowiczki, then Buszkowice and the center of Przemyśl.

Cyclists should follow the road through Wyszatyce to the neighboring village of Bolestraszyce, where they return to the trail at the parking lot by the arboretum.