From Szafarnia to Golub-Dobrzyń, the route runs along a dirt road, partially with concrete slabs. We reach the market square in Golubia via a footbridge on the Drwęca River. The route goes through the centers of both parts of the city: the Market Square in the Golub part and the 1000-Anniversary Square in the Dobrzyń part. Outside the city, the trail leads through the forest, along a paved road with sandy fragments. Along the edge of the Drwęca river valley, we reach the provincial road No. 569 and head uphill, leaving the river valley.

When reaching Golub-Dobrzyń, the trail leads to Drwęca by stairs - cyclists should earlier, along Jasna Street, reach the poviat road (No. 534) leading to the city and get to the Market Square in the Golub part.