For the purposes of this elaboration, a rather long stage is proposed, which, however, can be divided into two days with accommodation in the Chrościce area (20 km from the center of Opole). This option can be chosen by people who want to breathe a bit in Opole after the two previous exhausting stages. From the center of Opole we quickly get to the suburbs, among which stand out the industrial facilities, in particular the monumental block of the "Opole" power plant (already seen from Góra Św.Anny). From Chrościce (the hamlet of Babi Las) the road leads through a rarely built-up area (there are also no shops): levees and hornbeam forests on the Odra river, and after crossing the river and the village of Mikolin - a road made of concrete slabs leading us to our destination - village Skorogoszcz.