This episode has a different character than the previous ones. We go along the undulating Cieszyn Foothills with beautiful views of the western edge of the Polish Silesian Beskid and the Silesian-Moravian Beskid mountains in the Czech Republic. A large part of Polish Lutherans live in this area. We pass Dębowiec, where you can refresh yourself using the brine graduation tower and visit the church of St. Margaret. In the next town - Zamarski - there is a wooden church of St. Roch: the oldest religious building in the Polish Cieszyn Silesia. In turn, Cieszyn is a city of many wonderful testimonies of history, such as the oldest preserved Romanesque rotunda in the country, beautiful churches and charming streets of the old town with a beautiful Market Square.



The description above is a shortened version of the Pilgrim Guide text by Dagobert Drost, priest Andrzej Loranca and and Fr. Stanisław Pindel and Stanisława Więzik, available at