From Świerże Górne to Przejazd, the trail leads along the former Royal Road, which was once leading from Kraków to Vilnius. Before the village of Przejazd we pass by the "Zagożdżon" forest nature reserve, and then - the "Ponty - Dęby" nature reserve, where oak stands in a mixed forest habitat on a hilly dune landscape. We enter Jedlnia-Letnisko through the "Jedlnia" reserve, where there is a coniferous forest with a prosperous 200-year-old pine stand. 

From Swierże Górne a green bike trail leads towards the Kozienicki Forest. After about 2 km it crosses route DK 79. After another 2.5 km, there is a crossroads of green bicycle and blue walking trail in the Kozienicki Forest. Go straight by the blue walking trail. After 3.7 km the Way of St. James crosses route DK 48. After about 800 m the blue trail turns left. The Way of St.James continues along the blue bike trail, which after approx. 4 km connects with the red walking trail. Continue along the red trail, which connects to the black walking trail in front of the village of Stoki. Follow the black trail for about 10 km to Jedlnia-Letnisko.