From the milestone on the Market Square in Przemyśl we head west to Tadeusz Kościuszko street, and then across the bridge ff the Przemyśl Eaglets to the Abbey of the Benedictine Sisters. We continue the journey through the Zasanie district along 3rd May and 29th November streets. Next we climb a steep slope along the Chrobrego street to the hill of Winna Góra, from where we go with the black fortress trail, next to fort IX Bruner. Via an asphalt road we come to the intersection by the crucifix where there is also a milestone: SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA - 4024 km. We reach the monastery in Ujkowice. Then we take the path through the forest to Maćkowice. Further on, the trail leads through Wola Maćkowska, Wola Rokietnicka and to Rokietnica.

A detour for cyclists

From the intersection with the crucifix before Ujkowice, we descend through the village to the provincial road No. 881. Next we head west to the village of Maćkowice. We take the provincial road No. 881 through the village of Kosienice to the neighboring Rokietnica , where we come across the signs of the Way of St. James Via Regia.

Alternative route through Tuligłów

From Wola Rokietnicka to Rokietnica leads an alternative trail (6 km) leading through the sanctuary of Our Lady of Good Hope in Tuligłów, marked on the initiative of the Brotherhood of St. James in Przeworsk and the Association for the Development of Tuligłów.