The trail leads among the picturesque landscapes of the Miechowska Upland. In the Goszcza forest there is a glade "Under St. Santa Claus", on which there is a chapel of St. Hubert. The main sacred object is the Diocesan Sanctuary. St. James the Apostle in Więcławice Stare, which is a wooden church built around 1340 from larch tree, rebuilt in 1748. In the main altar of the sanctuary there is a picture with the figure of St. James the Elder Apostle and his attributes. Iconography with the figure of St. James can also be found in the triptych of St. Nicholas from 1477. In 2007, the relics of St. James and Saint. Bartholomew. There is a Brotherhood of St. James the Apostle, which was aggregated to the Archbrethren of Saint. James in Santiago de Compostela (Archicofradía Universal del Apóstol Santiago).