The episode runs through the very heart of the Great Lakes Region. Between Lake Gołdopiwo and Lake Brożówka, it reaches the village of Kruklanki, behind which it enters the forest, and then to the fields. Then we cross the Sapina River and after a while we come to the village of Kożuchy Wielkie, and then to the village of Sulimy. Just behind the village of Gajewo, the trail enters Giżycko, located between the lakes Kisajno and Niegocin. From Giżycko, the trail goes through the historic bridge over the Łuczański Canal and leads to the edge of the village of Wilkasy, located on Lake Tałty. The pilgrim will find the St. Jakub "in Kruklanki (at the roundabout in the center of the village) and in Giżycko (at the Cross of St. Bruno).


Wilkasy, where there is a large number of accommodation facilities, was given as a stage point. In addition, this way you will avoid too long hike to Kętrzyn the next day. During the summer sailing season, Giżycko is very crowded.