From the church in Zawada, we continue the walk along the trail of the Chapels of the Secrets of Light of the Rosary Paths to the forest. We pass through the village of Stasiówka. At the intersection on the hill we come across signs of the blue walking trail and thus we reach the village of Braciejowa. We are accompanied by a guerrilla trail marked with a white lily and a green walking trail. The asphalt road leads to the hill in the hamlet of Maga, from where there is a magnificent view of the valley of the Wisłoka River with the lake in Mokrzyca and the city of Pilzno. We descend from the antenna pole at the top of the asphalt road leading to the center of the village of Dobrków and along the road to Pilzno.

Detour for cyclists

In Braciejowa, from the intersection next to the grocery store, access to Polana Kałużówka by an asphalt road as indicated by the road signpost POŁUDNIE 3.