From the basilica of the Bernardine order we go along Sokoła and Fr. Józef Jałowy streets to the church of Christ the King. Behind the church of Bl. Karolina Kózkówna, the trail leads towards allotments through the Pustki housing estate, and then through Kielanówka, Błękitne Wzgórze street, along with the blue bike trail signs. We cross Leśne Wzgórze street and then along the dirt road we reach Bzianka. Behind the church there is a St. James street, along which also leads the trail. The trail continues to Iwierzyce and to the hill with the Millennium Cross in Sielec. Further going through Zagorzyce we reach Góra Ropczycka.

Detour for cyclists

From the jubilee cross, we follow the paved road following the signs of the bike trail to the nearest intersection. At property No. 113 A, we turn left and climb along the asphalt road up the hill, which has 279 m a.s.l. (hamlet of Department). From the hill we descend into the valley of the Budzisz River to the village of Zagorzyce (Zagorzyce Dolne), where at the crossroads we come across the signs of the Way of St. James.

In Zagorzyce, we go north from the chapel of St. James along the asphalt road with the red marks of the bike trail on the side. A green bicycle trail joins at the nearest intersection. We approach the hill passing the municipal cemetery on the right. Both routes lead to the center of the village of Góra Ropczycka.