Through the center of Olsztyn, the trail leads from the High Gate, next to the City Tourist Information and the PTTK branch, through the old town next to the cathedral of St. Jakub and the castle (now a museum). Then ul. Konopnicka, Bałtycka and Jeziorna to Lake Ukiel (city beach), where we leave the city. Further on, the trail leads through the beautiful forests of historic Warmia, along the lake, to the village of Łupstych, and then to the village of Szelągowo, where there is a chapel by the forester's lodge. Behind the village, along a forest road, and then along a dirt road, we reach Gietrzwałd, where there is a Marian sanctuary on the site of the obituaries from 1877.


From Olsztyn, a slightly different shell pattern is used to mark the trail than the one used so far. This pattern continues to Toruń and further to the meeting with the Wielkopolska Way of St. James in Mogilno.