This stage connects Gniezno with Lednickie Lake - the probable place of baptism of Mieszko I. The trail leads through agricultural areas. Only on a short section from Waliszew to Imiołek, when we circle the northern edge of Lednickie Lake there is a forest. The stage leads to Lednickie Pola with the Fish visible from afar - the Gate of the Third Millennium, where every year a youth meeting is organized by Poznań's Dominicans. To visit the Museum of the First Piasts in Dziekanowice and Ostrów Lednicki you have to make a lot of way: it is best to go from Żydówko along a dirt road to Dziekanowice. After visiting the museum and Ostrów Lednicki, you can go back to the trail to Siemianów (about 8 km more) or go around the lake from the south and through Lednogóra and Skrzetuszewo in order to reach the Lednickie Pole - this option extends the road by several kilometers.