The trail leaves Barczewo across the Kiemas River towards the west to the village of Wrocikowo. Between Wrocikowo and the village of Łęgajny, it uses dirt roads leading south of the national road No. 16; we cross it only at the height of Łęgajny (be careful at this crossing!). In the village of Zalbki, we turn left and soon enter the administrative boundaries of Olsztyn. We wander along the following streets: Wiosenna, Letnia, Tracka, Zientary-Malewska, Pieniężnego, Dąbrowszczaków to Wysoka Brama. "Stones of St. Jakub ”can be found in Barczewo (at ul. Mickiewicza) and in Olsztyn (at the St. James Center).


Muddy mud possible between Łęgajny and Zalbki. Bicycle pilgrims can go around this forest section on a local road through Nikielkowo.