Behind Cichocin, the trail runs along a forest, often sandy road.  After a sharp left turn we come to Józefowo lake with a local beach. After leaving the forest, the trail leads along local asphalt roads through dispersed or compact rural areas. In the village of Brzozówka, we cross the national road No. 10. Again, the trail leads through the forest to the viaduct over the A1 motorway. In the village of Złotoria, we cross the Drwęca River on the historic wooden bridge and enter the city of Toruń through the Kaszczorek housing estate. The trail runs along residential streets, rising up the slope of the Toruń-Eberswaldzka ice-marginal valley. Avoiding the main roads, along the Vistula, the trail leads to ul. St. James within the historic part of the city on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


In the forest between Ciechocin and Szembekowo, at the crossroads, the trail turns sharply left.