We leave Wieliczka and going partly among the fields we come to Kosocice. We continue the road towards the already visible Krakow and we reach Łagiewniki. Sanctuary of Saint John Paul II "Do not be afraid" and the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy - these are the places that cannot be missed. Numerous pilgrims who come here all the time co-create with the pilgrims the Way of St. James an unusual atmosphere of prayer. We are heading north - the city's historical center is clearly visible from the subsequent city hills. Before we get there, we pass the Podgórze district and on the Bernatka footbridge we cross the Vistula river reaching the Kazimierz district. Just behind the bridge on the left there is a place where the church of St. James was located. Walking by the Vistula bank next to the church of St. Stanisław na Skałce, we reach the Wawel Hill with the royal castle and cathedral. Behind the Wawel hill stretches out one of the most important old-town complexes in Poland. The Krakow Old Town has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.