Less than 20 km section of the Lesser Poland Road St. Jakub leads from the church. St. James the Apostle in Pałecznica to the church of St. James in Niegardów. The road leads through agricultural areas. After leaving Pałecznica we enter the picturesque areas of the Miechowska Upland. It is worth stopping at the church of St. Andrew in Wrocimowice built by the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre in 1748–1754 and in the sanctuary of Our Lady of Zielenicka with the miraculous image of the Blessed Virgin Mary crowned in 1983 by Saint John Paul II. It will be a real rare opportunity for st.James pilgrims to see the image of St. James in the main altar of the parish church. St. James in Niegardów. In this image, Saint James baptizes the mage Hermogenes kneeling down - this is the unique iconography of St. James in Poland. The picture was painted by Walery Eljasz-Radzikowski around 1880.