The Way of St.James Via Regia enters Poland and the European Union through the road border crossing Medyka - Szeginie. From here it leads along an asphalt road through the village of Medyka to the church of Saints Peter and Paul. Then, along the 3-kilometer stretch, it runs along busy road No. 28 (please be careful!). After turning towards Jaksmanice, it is accompanied by the black Fortress Trail. We pass it near the former fortifications of the Przemyśl fortress (Fort XV Borek) and to Siedliska the trail leads along the border strip (possible checking by the Border Guard). Further through Krownik and Łuczyce the trail reaches a footbridge on the river Wiar, from where it goes along asphalt roads to Nehrybka. After reaching the Przemyśl beltway, it goes along the provincial road No. 885 Hermanowice to Przemyśl.