The road runs south along the Pilica valley, leaving the river on the right. After 3 km it becomes a forest road going along the blue walking trail. In the forest complex passes by the scout tower "White Brzeg". Further on, it enters the black walking trail and leads past the historic manor in Rączki. It crosses road No. 742 and climbs to the hill of Bukowa Góra with the beech forest reserve. At the edge of the forest there is a beautiful view of the hills surrounding the Pilica valley with the dominant Chełmno Mountain. In Dobromierz, it leads along an avenue of old lime trees and next to the ruins of the Calvinist church. In Staniska it leads to the local church of St. James. It then leads west towards fields and forests. After approx. 5 km, it enters the blue walking trail and crosses the bridge on the Pilica river. In the village of Krzętów, it passes by the church and the monument of the Home Army partisans, and 3 km further it enters Wielgomłyn with the Dominican monastery. The 500-year-old oak tree growing nearby is a natural monument.