This section leads along the main ridge of the Beskid Mały mountains. From the shelter following the red trail we go to the summit of Leskowiec (a wonderful viewpoint, it is worth getting up early in the morning to see the sunrise) and then to the chapel before the summit of Łana Skała, where the blue trail begins. Along it we go down heading south, crossing Żywiec - Sucha Beskidzka road in Kocoń. Going further in Ślemień, we pass by the Ethnographic Park of the Żywiec Region, and then by Jasnogórska Street we come to to the Sanctuary of the Birth of the Virgin Mary. From the shrine through Pewel Ślemieńska and Rychwałdek we come to the Shrine of Our Lady of Rychwałdz.


The description above is a shortened version of the text of the Pilgrim Guide by Dagobert Drost, priest. Andrzej Loranca and Stanisława Więzik, available at