This stage connects two churches. St. Jakub the Elder Apostle: in Probołowice and in Pałecznica. The trail leads through the fertile agricultural areas of the Wodzisław Hump and the Proszowice Plateau. We walk through a belt of hills up to 280 m a.s.l. covered with forests. Leaving the village of Tempoczów, we cross the border of the Świętokrzyskie and Małopolskie provinces. Noteworthy in this episode is the parish church. St. John the Baptist from the 13th century in Skalbmierz. In this temple there is a picture painted by Flemish painter Jakub Jordaens or his workshop "Adoration of the Magi" (1640). In the church of St. James in Pałecznica there is an altar with a picture of St. James in a silver dress. St. James is depicted in a bust portraite, in a coat with a shell on it; in his left hand the Apostle holds a pilgrim stick with a skin bottle.