We begin the pilgrimage at the Market Square in Wadowice, the birth city of Karol Wojtyła - St. John Paul II. We leave Wadowice at Karmelicka street and head towards the village of Kaczyna (a beautiful stream gorge of Choczewka stream), and then - crossing the Gancarz range - we reach Rzyk. Going up the Rzyczanka stream we come across the black trail, which leads to the PTTK Leskowiec Hostel. This shelter is located on the eastern slope of Groń Jan Paweł II, on the top of which a small mountain sanctuary was built, with a beautiful chapel of the Cross to People of the Mountains. A magnificent viewpoint to the east of the Middle Beskid mountains and to the south to the Żywiecki Beskid mountains with Babia Góra.


The description above is a shortened version of the text of the Pilgrim Guide by Dagobert Drost, priest  Andrzej Loranca and Stanisława Więzik, available at www.bractwojakuboweszczyrk.pl