From the sanctuary in Miedniewice, the road passes over the A2 motorway and then through the village of Nowa Wieś (next to the horse stud). It heads southwest and enters the Bolimów Forest. Here it leads through mixed forests, along sandy or swampy forest paths, and along with the educational trail it reaches a monument dedicated to German soldiers killed in the First and Second World War. In this area in 1915, the Germans poisoned several thousand Russians with chlorine, but also their own soldiers. Then the Way of St. James reaches the village of Joachimów-Mogiły, a warzone of the January Uprising. Then turns south and passes through the most beautiful part of the road - the meanders of the Rawka river. Then the trail passes the forest settlement Budy Grabskie. The asphalt road reaches road no. 705, then heads west along the pavement on the side of this road or by the joyful old Łowicki Route through the woods, reaches Skierniewice.