The section runs first along the picturesque shore of Drwęckie Lake in Ostróda. At the exit from the city, the trail leads along Słowackiego street by the so-called Czarny Róg to the "Black Lake" reserve. After 6 km, it enters the village of Glimy, where it crosses the bridge over the Ostróda-Elbląg Canal. After a while it reaches the village of Liwa, then through the fields to the village of Rogowo, then after a long time through the forest to the village of Wiewiórka. From here it comes to the village of Frednowy with the baroque church of st. Trinity.


The town of Frednowy (parish church, grocery store - which is missing in other towns in this section) is given as a stage target. However, there are no accommodation facilities there. Therefore, accommodation should be sought in the surrounding towns.