The final section of the Lubuska Way of St. James leads together with the Roman Trail through the Polish-German borderland. We will see there three Romanesque churches from the 13th century (Rzepin, Drzeńsko, Kowalów). They are all connected with the beginnings of the Lubusz bishopric,  subordinate to the Gniezno metropolis, with the capital in Lubusz founded in 1124 by Bolesław Krzywousty. The trail passes through the Odra river to Frankfurt. Today pilgrims can - just like centuries ago - move freely further. In olden times there was a hospital of St.James in Frankfurt, in which pilgrims could count on health care.

Tips & Warnings: 

There are two routes from Frankfurt along the Way of St. James towards Berlin, from which the south way then leads to Leipzig. A direct route from Frankfurt to Leipzig is also planned. More about Camino in Brandenburg at