In the vicinity of Brodnica, there is a cluster of ribbon lakes located in the area of ​​a ground moraine and hills of terminal moraine and sanders. Bachotek Lake is a gutter lake surrounded by forests. In the southern part, this gutter connects with the Drwęca River valley. Walking along the lake along the edge of the moraine plateau, we can admire the beauty of the young-glacial landscape. We reach the city of Brodnica following the old railway line along the strongly meandering Drwęca River. Brodnica received city rights in 1298 from the Teutonic Knights, to which it belonged until 1479.


After leaving the forest surrounding the Bachotek Lake, we go to the national road No. 15 and follow it for about 1.5 km.  Due to the lack of a roadside, special care is required!