From Dobrzyca the route leads through the open terrain of the coastal plain. After passing the village of Rusowo, where there is an interesting Gothic church dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary, as well as the small village of Kukini, the route enters the so-called The Kołobrzeski Forest - a large and compact forest area with rich old trees, incl. one of the oldest oaks in Poland: Bolesław and Warcisław. We enter Kołobrzeg from the side of Budzistów, the first stronghold on Parsęta, which in 1000 became the first episcopal seat in Pomerania, subordinate (together with the bishoprics in Kraków and Wrocław) to the newly created metropolis in Gniezno. In Kolobrzeg, archaeologists found a medieval pilgrimage shell, testifying to a former pilgrimage to Santiago. In the local cathedral there was also an altar dedicated to St. James.