A fairly demanding stage (large elevations, a predominance of forest roads or paths), but at the same time one of the most interesting one on the entire Sudetian Way of St. James. Initially, it leads through a river canyon section of Bóbr ricer with Pilchowickie Lake with a monumental dam. Only after reaching Maciejowiec (10 km), where we can see the ruins of a Renaissance manor house and a Classicist palace with a large park, the area becomes milder - it is already the Jizera Foothills. Radomice is among its hills with the fourth church of St.James on the Sudetian Way (visits available only during Sunday Masses). The last 4 km before Lubomierz the trail leads along the roadway - please be careful! The goal of the stage is tiny Luboemirz, which was built around the Benedictine Monastery founded in the 13th century. The smallest city of Lower Silesia is known mainly as the scenery of many films, including the "Sami swoi" trilogy.