The road from Rawa Mazowiecka goes along the southern shore of the lagoon and leads to Boguszyce (here a wooden church from the 16th century covered with polychromies from the same period). Then it passes through Księża Wola and Podkonice, then by the viaduct over the S8 road it reaches Krzemienica. Here one should visit the church of St. James from the 16th century. Local legends say that in the 9th century the students of St. Cyril and St. Methodius built in Krzemienica the first chapel of St. James. Behind Strzemeszna, the road meanders among fields, meadows and forests; it also passes through marshland and climbs small hills. Behind Rzeczyca the trail descends to the Pilica valley and in Mysiakowiec it crosses the river. A gravel road through a mixed forest leads to the basilica in Studzianna. A copy of the local painting of the holy family is worshiped as a miraculous one in Miedniewice.