The trail from Toszek runs mainly along local asphalt roads through the villages of the Silesian Upland. Behind Nakło it crosses the border between the Śląskie and Opolskie voivodships (here a few dozen meters long section of a rocky road). When raching Sieroniowice, the trail crosses the national road No. 88 (caution is required here), and then the through a viaduct passes over the A4 motorway. Behind the village of Zimna Wódka, the trail uses dirt roads more often and the altitude gradually raises. Behind Czarnocin, it enters the area of the Góra Św. Anny Landscape Park. In Poręba, from the right comes the Częstochowska Way of St.James, with which the trail Via Regia climbs along the Marian paths (numerous chapels accompanying pilgrims for 300 years) on the Mountain of St. Anne - the highest hill (400 m a.s.l.) and the most important sanctuary of the Upper Silesia.