We continue our journey through the Land of Great Lakes. In Wilkasy, we leave Lake Tałty behind us and go through the Zalesie estate to the village of Wronka. Then we come to Sterławki Małe on Lake Dejguny. The trail turns right from the dirt road into provincial road No. 592, we cross the railway crossing and come to the village of Bogacko. We follow dirt and forest roads to the village of Doba, then we walk along the railway line to the village of Parcz. Between the villages of Parcz and Kętrzyn it runs along an asphalt road through the forest, passing Gierłoż, Czerniki and the village of Karolewo, and then the trail enters Kętrzyn. The pilgrim will find the "stone of St. Jakub "in Karolewo (at the church of St. Stanisław Kostka), Gierłoż (at the" Wolf's Lair "museum) and in Kętrzyn (at the St. George's Basilica).


From the village of Parcz to Kętrzyn, the trail runs straight along an asphalt road with increased car traffic. Be careful.