Description from Rum: The Way of St. James leads from the medieval town of Hall via Absam and Thaur on a section through the market town of Rum and on to the Olympic city of Innsbruck to the St.Jakob Cathedral.

From the Thaur parish church, follow the signs along Kirchgasse in a southbound direction to the village square. Here you turn right into Langgasse and after approx. 50 m left into Rumerweg. Follow this to the west. At the first fork in the road, take the right path to a crossroad with a bench and an arrow pointing to the left.

You are now in the market town of Rum, where the route of the Camino de Santiago is very well signposted. Then you pass the cemetery, descend to the parish church of St. George and cross Rum to the southwest (St. Georg-Weg, Hotel Restaurant Huberhof, Kirchgasse, Schulstraße), past the elementary school to the next intersection at Aurain.

On the left side of the street there is a sign to the “Römerpark”, where you can linger in the deep tree shade with a view of the pond, which is calm in the sun, and enjoy nature. The fountains, which donate clear mountain water from Rum, bring refreshment.

However, if you follow the arrow pointing west at Aurain, you come to the Rum secondary school and then to a wayside cross. From here there are currently no markings, but the next destination, the Calvary in Arzl, cannot be overlooked. After approx. 600 m take the second path to the right and up to a crossroads

You now follow the flat path to the west, which turns slowly to the northwest and after a good 700 m you come to an asphalt path (parade path), which you follow up to the right. After 150 m you reach the main street (Rumer Straße) and continue to the left.

You can now make a small detour to the Arzl parish church (late Gothic building, baroque style, beautifully restored) or - highly recommended - to the left (at Franz Wach Gasse) climb up the Kalvarienberg (wonderful view of Innsbruck and the entire central Inn valley) .

From the center of Arzl, follow the sidewalks of the main street (Arzler Straße) to Mühlauer Platzl and then left along Anton Rauch Straße to the Inn (approx. 2 km).

A statue of St. James can be seen on the right in front of the Inn Bridge. After the bridge (Mühlauer- / Kettenbrücke) keep right and take the walking and cycling path along the Inn

(approx. 1.7km) to Herzog Otto Straße. Now the 1st possibility left into Herrengasse and after approx. 30 m right, through an archway to Domplatz in Innsbruck's old town. The stage destination, Jacob's Cathedral, which was built on the site of a church built at the end of the 12th century, has now been reached.

The Jacob community located in the cathedral parish gladly takes on the needs and concerns of the pilgrims.

Orte entlang des Weges

Terfens - Maria Larch - Larchthal - St. Michael - St. Martin - Walderkapelle - Schloss Melans - Absam - Thaur - Rum - Arzl - Mühlau - Innsbruck

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