Pilgern - vorbei an ungewohnten Architekturen

Pilgern - vorbei an ungewohnten Architekturen

Avenza is the largest fraction of the Carrara community, a village known worldwide for the Carrara marble gained from local quarries here. The territory in which we will be hiking today is a flat stripe of land between the Apennine and the Ligurian-Tuscan Sea. The official itinerary of the Via Francigena is flagged along the Apennine boundary of this flat territory, but some ascents will allow for great views over these agglomerations most popular during the summer vacation period, it's beaches and the Mediterranian Sea.

Some pilgrims (including our photographer Rob) however will prefer to hike along the beaches after all this hiking in the Alps, the Lomellita ricefields and finally the Apennines. They may also wish to take a bath or even spend a day enjoying the regenerating effect of the salty sea water. The Italian «dolce far niente» on top will support to reload our battery. This variant measuring 22km is included in this package as well.

Whichever alternative we chose, we will leave today the Massa-Carrara province and will come into the Lucca province, both still in the Tuscany region.


The «Via Francigena» is one of the 3 main christian pilgrimage trails of the Middle Ages, the main axis leading from Canterbury to Rome. This documentation currently covers the most frequented section from Lausanne to Rome.